8(a) Regulations:

Federal law allows Agencies to award sole source contracts to an eligible 8(a) firm of their choice. Contracts can be awarded in limits up to $6.5 million for manufacturing NAICS codes and $4.0 million for all other NAICS codes.

How to award a streamlined 8(a) Sole Source Contract:

  • 1. The Government Program Manager (PM) develops a Statement of Work and secures funding.
  • 2. Having chosen Choisys to perform the work, the PM submits a Procurement Request to his/her agency Contracting Officer (CO).
  • 3. The CO sends an Offer Letter (including agency contact person’s name, telephone, e-mail address and FAX) and a Statement of Work (SOW) via email to SBA requesting permission to conduct sole source negotiations with Choisys. (Choisys will have already alerted the Business Opportunity Specialist to expect the package in order to expedite the process.)
  • 4. The SBA confirms eligibility of Choisys and authorizes the negotiations – usually within 48 hours.
  • 5. The CO sends Choisys a Statement of Work and a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quotation (RFQ).
  • 6. Choisys submits a proposal to the Government Program Manager and CO for evaluation.
  • 7. The CO negotiates with Choisys.
  • 8. Simplified Acquisition efforts do not require a technical proposal; the CO sends RFP to Choisys requesting cost proposal; upon receipt, CO negotiates cost and terms with Choisys.
  • 9. If the estimate exceeds the Simplified Acquisition Threshold, the CO sends RFP to Choisys requesting technical and cost proposals; upon receipt, CO negotiates cost and terms with Choisys.
  • 10. Upon completion of negotiations, CO prepares a contract award document and sends to Choisys for signature.
  • 11. Upon receipt of the fully executed contract from the CO, the contract period of performance begins at the stated date in the contract.

This entire acquisition process should be two weeks or less in duration.

8(a) Sole-Source

Benefits & Advantages

  • Streamlined Process
  • Supports Mission Readiness
  • Expedited Negotiations
  • Swift acquisition timeline
  • Qualified contractor of choice
  • Obtainment of 8(a) Small Business Goals