Defense Health Agency (DHA) Geographic Service Provider (GSP)

CVTEK, LLC is a prime contractor for the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Geographic Service Provider (GSP) IDIQ contract. This IDIQ is managed by the Military Healthcare System (MHS) Enterprise Information Technology Services, Program Management Office (EITS PMO) and provides support to the DHA enterprise worldwide.

The DHA GSP IDIQ contract provides standardized enterprise IT support services to Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF) and Other Lines of Business (OLB). The scope of the contract covers a wide variety of IT tasks and services to provide robust IT support at the MFTs and OLBs.

Scope Categories include:

• Scope Area 1: IT Service Desk
• Scope Area 2: Database, Application, and Web Development
• Scope Area 3: Identity Management and Desktop Support
• Scope Area 4: Data Center Operations
• Scope Area 5: Information Assurance
• Scope Area 6: Network Operations
• Scope Area 7: Telecommunications
• Scope Area 8: Clinical Informatics
• Scope Area 9: Information Business Operations

The contract ordering period of performance is 10 years with a 5-year base period (31 January 2024 – 30 January 2029) and a 5-year option period (31 January 2029 – 30 January 2034). Task Orders may utilize FFP, T&M, or LH contract types. The IDIQ has a $2.4B ceiling. The NAICS code is 541513. The DHA GSP IDIQ is a total Small Business (SB) set-aside contract.

General Information

Contract Ordering Period:

Base Period: 31/01/2024 – 30/01/2029
Option Periods: 31/01/2029 – 30/01/2034

Contract Information:

CVTEK Contract Number: HT001524D0014

CVTEK DUNS: 117212236



CVTEK GSP Program Manager: George Whitbeck, Program Manager
Phone: 571-286-1115 | Email: