Education + Learning

Given the increasing mission complexity of combat operations and the growing integration of technology, effective education platforms and technology are critical to training an effective fighting force. Choisys is a proven partner to develop and deliver high impact programs across the traditional classroom, web-based, and virtual instruction.

Technology continues to enable new forms of training better tailored to the learning styles and needs of today’s adult learners. Choisys provides classroom, distance, and blended learning solutions for all types of training. For blended learning, we assist clients in finding the optimum balance between the focus and collaboration of the classroom and the flexibility and value of online learning. We support multiple formats of online learning (independent/group, synchronous/asynchronous, and multi-media) that help clients reduce the amount of instructor-led classroom time. We have worked with all the leading Learning Management Systems (LMSs) as well as many custom ones to deploy blended learning solutions.

Engage with Choisys, the trusted partner that can help make your Education and Training effective and efficient to prepare the next generation of leadership.

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