Enterprise Security

Securing IT solutions throughout the development lifecycle helps organizations prevent future Cyber threats and vulnerabilities. We provide comprehensive support to architect, engineer, test, and deploy secure IT solutions that meet our clients’ business needs and comply with Federal statutory, legislative and regulatory requirements.

Proactively monitoring and defending against Cyber attacks is vital in today’s ever-changing Cyber landscape. We provide mission essential functions in support of maintaining full-scope Information Assurance (IA), Computer Network Defense (CND), Incident Response (IR) and Physical and Personnel Security programs for our clients.

A robust and effective Cybersecurity Risk Management process is critical in protecting an organization’s valuable employees, IT systems, and overall reputation. Choisys helps manage risk by performing system assessments, determining risk mitigation strategies, defining protection requirements, establishing organizational security programs, and supporting FISMA compliance efforts. We strongly believe that an effective IT Security Compliance and Policy Program is a business-enabling process which provides a roadmap for moving an organization from near-term tactical security implementations to long-term strategic planning.

We help our clients define and implement a highly-resilient cybersecurity strategy that can continuously monitor threats, identify compromise patterns, and reduce overall exposure while improving security posture.

Engage with Choisys, a security expert that knows that human behavior and processes are as important as the encryptions and technology that gets implemented.